Over time, harsh weather, dust, and debris fade and tarnish your exterior paint. Putting off painting your exterior too long may cause wood rot, excess cracking, stucco coming off your property, and various other issues.

Look no further than RhinoShield MidSouth for your exterior painting needs. Whether you need to repaint your entire home or touch up your exterior, we have what it takes to do the job right. We use only the best quality paint products and techniques and pay attention to detail.

A fresh coat of paint works wonders for a dull, tired-looking exterior. Rather than take on an exterior painting job yourself, why not hire professional painters to do the job? You have plenty of reasons to hire an expert for your next painting project.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve a spectacular exterior and boost your property’s curb appeal with the help of professional painting contractors.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

Hiring a skilled painter to paint your exterior comes with several benefits, including:


Professional painters spend years mastering their craft. Unlike hiring a local handyman or doing it yourself, an experienced professional will know how to prepare the surface, the number of coats of paint needed for the project, and how to deliver the perfect finish.

An experienced painter will have handled just about any painting job and faced some of the most challenging issues associated with exterior painting. You have minimal chances of going wrong with an expert.

Exceptional Product Knowledge

Have you ever tried to look for painting products online or at a hardware store? You’ll likely feel overwhelmed by the different types of paints, not to mention confusing labels and terminology. You don’t want to go home with a paint product that will peel off in less than a year.

A skilled painter will possess in-depth knowledge of painting products and what works best for various situations. Seasoned painters also use high-quality products from reputable brands to deliver the best outcomes.

Expertise in Paint Color and Texture

People who paint for a living know how to use colors and textures to create outstanding designs for any building. As such, skilled painters won’t mind offering professional advice on the best colors and textures for your exterior.

If you have a vision for your project, an expert can help you select the perfect exterior paint color and texture to bring your vision to life.

Proper Tools and Equipment

The average DIY enthusiast may have a couple of paintbrushes and even a paint tray or decent roller. However, did you know that different types of house paint require specific types of rollers and brushes to produce a quality finish? An experienced painter does.

Besides carrying top-notch equipment and knowing how to use it, expert painters own the tools. This means you don’t need to invest in painting tools that you will probably only use once.

Time and Energy Savings

Unless you have plenty of experience, you can easily underestimate how long an exterior painting project will take. Perhaps you didn’t account for the prep work or overlooked the windows and difficult-to-reach areas when estimating your timeline.

What might take an inexperienced individual a week, an expert will likely finish in half the time or less. Professional painters have perfected their systems over time to maximize productivity. Hiring an expert allows you to focus your resources on other things as your painter does what they do best.

Quality Work and Lasting Results

With skilled painting contractors, you won’t have to worry about shoddy work or loose ends. These experts know how to protect your yard, tape edges, and do whatever’s necessary to deliver professional results that will last a long time.

Whether you value the time-savings, experience, or peace of mind that comes with hiring an expert, hiring skilled painting contractors is well worth the investment.

Why Choose Us

When you choose RhinoShield MidSouth for your exterior painting project, you can rest assured that you’ll get the highest quality paint job from an experienced team of skilled painters. Our proven ten-step painting process ensures our customers get satisfactory results.

We use an advanced exterior ceramic paint, RhinoShield, that creates a protective layer on your exterior surface. The coating boasts high UV stability and prevents heat, mold, and other pollutants from penetrating your home’s exterior surface.

Unlike traditional water-based latex paint that may need repainting every three to five years, our extra thick paint coating will last five to eight times longer. Moreover, our innovative paint coating comes with a 25-year warranty and works well for a variety of materials.

While we believe that RhinoShield offers the best return on investment for your painting project, we also do traditional painting. As a full-service painting contractor, we can tailor our products and services to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Our team has the training and expertise to work on just about any painting project. Our comprehensive solutions also include roof, deck, and patio coatings. That allows you to save time and money by hiring only one painting contractor that meets your needs.

Exterior Painting in Metro New Orleans

Are you looking for a top-rated exterior painting contractor in Metro New Orleans or the surrounding area? Call RhinoShield MidSouth at (504) 977-2330 to request a free estimate. We look forward to helping you achieve a gorgeous exterior. 

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