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Stucco Repair in The Gulf Coast Region

When it comes to keeping your home or business looking great, you can’t forget about the exterior. The outside is everyone’s first impression. Don’t let your worn stucco ruin it. Stucco repair is a common maintenance with stucco, in addition to painting it to keep it looking great. Many painters will just paint over imperfections in your stucco, leaving you with a job half done.

Why Does Stucco Need to be Repaired?

Many homes in the Gulf Coast area have stucco siding. Stucco is made of cement, water, and lime and provides many benefits to home and business owners. It is relatively low maintenance, durable, can handle different weather conditions, resistant to fire, and more. Despite it having so many benefits, stucco can fade and begin to look less than clean. It is also prone to developing cracks when the temperature changes and the foundation settles. These imperfections in your stucco are bound to happen with age, and it is normal to need stucco contractors to fix the problem.

Repair Stucco with Rhino Shield Midsouth

The need for stucco repair could be from several different things. It may be just normal wear and tear, fading, or weather-related. When your home does start to look less than perfect, don’t let painters just paint right over the problem. At RhinoShield Midsouth, we are dedicated to completing our jobs the right way. Before we begin painting your home or business, our stucco repair service goes through an initial inspection process to point out any cracks there may be. Once we find these cracks, we will begin our stucco repair process and seal them with our innovative stucco seal. This allows for the perfect layer to apply our Rhino Shield paint on top of.

Once we have completed the stucco repair, one of the best ways to ensure your exterior looks great is completing it with a coat of RhinoShield Midsouth. Our team uses the best after stucco repair to help prevent more cracks or imperfections from recurring. Not only does this help your home look great, but it can provide you with other features. RhinoShield uses ceramic microspheres instead of fillers in a 100 percent acrylic waterborne formula that creates a waterproof, soundproof, insulating barrier over your Gulf Coast Stucco.

You want your home or business to look great. Don’t let other painters paint right over the issues in your stucco. RhinoShield MidSouth can give you quality stucco repair that lasts along with our superior paint formula. You shouldn’t have to worry about repainting every three to five years. We provide our RhinoShield MidSouth customers with a 25-year warranty to go along with their beautiful home or business.

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Ideally suited to meet the challenges of the Gulf Coast and MidSouth climate, RhinoShield is impervious to water penetration, an essential performance parameter in humid and moist climates. This advanced commercial-grade coating also allows the underlying building surface to breathe, helping to prevent decay and the growth of mold and mildew. And because our coatings stay much cooler than every other exterior coating solution, heat buildup is greatly reduced, which means less expansion and contraction stress, too.

RhinoShield colors resist fading in the merciless summer sun and our next-gen exterior coating resists pitting and chipping better than ordinary house paints.


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Rhino Shield Mid South’s service area consists of the following locations and everywhere in between:

  • Alexandria
  • Baton Rouge
  • Bogalusa
  • Covington
  • Hammond
  • Houma
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles
  • Mandeville
  • New Orleans
  • Slidell
  • Bay St. Louis
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  • Vicksburg
  • Mobile

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have plenty of questions about our products, so we frequently compile the top inquiries. From features to availability and beyond—we’ve got answers!

RhinoShield ceramic coating is a durable, flexible maintenance-free wall coating system with micro-ceramic particles that extend the life of the coating for many years. The high build formula helps to seal out water, insulates, reduces the sun’s harmful UVA rays, and resists salt and mildew growth.

RhinoShield has always been a green, eco-friendly product. From the beginning, our ceramic coating was designed to be non-toxic, low odor, and safe for skin contact.

The RhinoShield coating systems are some of the most tested and certified coatings in the market. Continual research and development combined with independent ASTM testing have been the cornerstone of the coating since its development. Laboratories such as BASF, UL, Atlas Labs, and others verify and quantify many benefits and performance numbers.

The best job is built on a solid and safe foundation. Yes, our installers are EPA certified to remove or encapsulate harmful lead paint while protecting your home and yard against lead contamination.

RhinoShield has a Class ‘A’ fire and smoke rating. In some areas of the country prone to wildfires, buildings with a Class ‘A’ fire rating may qualify for a discount on their homeowner’s insurance.

Yes! We’re often called upon by historic commissions to protect famous historic homes or buildings. Please see our gallery of historic work. We appreciate the unique aspects of historic buildings including handling delicate exteriors substrates, maintaining surface texture integrity, and ensuring a breathable coating solution for older materials.


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