Are you struggling to find effective products for your exterior painting project? With so many paints to choose from, home and business owners may have trouble finding the long-lasting solution they seek. Exterior paints should revitalize the exterior of your property while also providing exceptional weather protection against blustering winds, freezing cold temperatures, and harmful UV radiation.

This blog explores the benefits of premium, low-maintenance exterior coatings. Unlike paint, coatings do much more than change the exterior paint color of your residential or commercial property. Long-lasting exterior coatings protect vinyl siding from moisture, allow wooden surfaces to breathe, and require very little maintenance.

Consider innovative coatings for your next house paint job. Quality paint, professional installation, and extended warranties prevent homeowners from endlessly applying a coat of paint to siding, stucco, brick, hardy board, and shingles. Rethink exterior painting projects by connecting with your local Gulf Coast painting professionals.

Benefits of Low Maintenance Coatings

Many acrylic and water-based exterior paints last only five years before chipping, cracking, and peeling. Conversely, durable exterior coatings last over 25 years and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Exterior coatings consist of highly durable ceramics that provide years of protection for your home.

Scientists have painstakingly developed exterior coatings using ceramics, acrylic, and urethane resins to create a more effective product than traditional exterior paints. House painting experts first apply a waterproof primer coat that improves coating adhesion and provides superior weatherproofing for Gulf Coast homes. Additional benefits of using protective coatings for exterior painting projects include:

Improved Curb Appeal

Nothing decreases the value, curb appeal, and return on investment of residential properties like chipping paint. Old, unsightly paint deters potential homebuyers from your property and requires frequent repainting. Durable exterior coatings do not chip, peel, or crack and significantly improve the appearance of your home.

House painting experts apply coatings in thick layers, sometimes as much as one gallon per 100 square feet, to achieve stunning finishes guaranteed to generate interest in your residential property. Less painting projects in the future reduce the maintenance requirements of new homebuyers.

Longer-Lasting Exterior Surfaces

The exterior surfaces of residential properties in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama must withstand harsh UV radiation and high humidity. Due to inclement weather conditions, Gulf Coast Area homeowners frequently experience discolored siding, warped wooden clapboards, and curled shingles. Exterior painting professionals can significantly extend the lifespan of your home by using low-maintenance coatings.

Ceramic elastomeric coatings reflect UV rays away from your home, prevent moisture from warping wooden surfaces, and protect clapboards from deterioration. Traditional exterior painting fails to adequately safeguard window frames, roofing materials, and siding from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. Protected exterior surfaces require fewer repairs and replacements, saving homeowners tremendous amounts of time, energy, and money.

Reduces Energy Costs

Innovative exterior painting in Metro New Orleans can help reduce the burden of high energy bills. Ultraviolet and infrared light from the sun penetrates low-quality paints and forces HVAC systems to work overtime. Constantly running HVAC systems inevitably leads to higher energy bills, heating and cooling system malfunctions, and poor indoor temperature control.

Look for highly rated LOW-E exterior house coatings for your next exterior painting project. Often used for glass surfaces, LOW-E coatings insulate homes from rapidly changing weather conditions without compromising the appearance of your home.

Exterior Coating Price and Installation

The cost of an exterior coating depends upon your residential property’s size, shape, and condition. Timetables set for exterior coating projects heavily rely on the state of your old exterior paint, needed repairs, and the presence of mold, mildew, moss, and algae. Seek professional painters who can perform all needed repairs and clean without relying upon subcontractors.

Long-lasting ceramic coatings pay for themselves over their 25-year life expectancy. Frequent repainting projects increase over time, costing Metro New Orleans residents thousands of dollars annually. You can avoid costly exterior repairs and replacements by exploring the advantages of premium ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Tips

To ensure your exterior painting project’s durability, weather resistance, and longevity, create a strict cleaning schedule for your new ceramic coating. Consider the following tips for maintaining the beauty, function, and aesthetics of your residential property:

Professional Cleaning

Pressure-washing experts offer a wide range of house-washing services. Cleaning experts use advanced soft-washing techniques to thoroughly clean gutters, siding, windows, and roofs without damaging fragile exterior surfaces. Special spray nozzles, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and highly pressurized water allow experts to clean ceramic coatings in less than one day.

Annual Inspections

Seek annual coating inspections from trained professionals every spring. Exterior painting professionals can spot any coating chipping, cracking, or peeling before more severe problems arise. Many exterior coating professionals offer low-cost maintenance services and 25-year transferable warranties for residential ceramic coatings.

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