If you’re searching for a preferred paint for your next exterior painting job, you need Rhino Shield MidSouth ceramic exterior paint. Our highly tested, extremely durable, and beautiful option provides everything you need for a low-maintenance, attractive coat of paint.

In this article, we dive deep into the science of what makes our paint the best option for your Metro New Orleans exterior painting process. Continue reading to learn more about our services and why we’re the best in the business.

Ceramic Exterior Paint: The Environmentally Friendly Option 

What makes our paint eco-friendly? We began with a strong focus on being green, resulting in us developing a safe, non-toxic material. Our paint is safe for people of all ages and gives off a minimal odor.

However, we didn’t stop there. Our product lowers your carbon footprint by reducing shipping and handling. Because you use less paint to create the same results, it requires less travel and distribution.

With a low-e rating, you can save on utility costs, too. The ceramic microspheres trap small air bubbles, which reflect UV rays and prevent heat and air conditioning from escaping through your painted walls. The ceramic microspheres, air pockets, and chemical makeup create an exceptionally thick coating on your building.

This thickness can safely encapsulate lead paint, creating a safer environment for children and pets. Some of our other green features are as follows:

Through years of testing and scientific breakthroughs, we’re proud to present a green, safe paint option that provides all the benefits you need.

The Scientific Research Behind Our Exterior Painting in Metro New Orleans 

We wanted to create a superior product that provided the advantages of vinyl with the ease and appearance of latex paint. The ceramic coating has undergone extensive, third-party testing to guarantee excellence, detailed in the following.

The Difference Between Ceramic Coatings and Traditional Paint

Compared to standard paint’s mineral filler and chalk, we use ceramic microspheres as a filler. While mineral fillers and chalk allow heat transfer, ceramic does not. This benefit significantly enhances its low-energy advantages.

Additionally, ceramic provides exceptional durability not found in other paint brands. While traditional paint requires routine upkeep and complete repainting every three to five years, ceramic coatings require repainting every 25 years. This longevity significantly benefits home and business owners by saving time and money while guaranteeing better curb appeal for longer.

BASF Testing

For complete transparency, we had our exterior painting product tested by the revered BASF and several independent labs. Through multiple rounds of research, they found our product superior to traditional paint in many ways.

Our many rounds of testing prove that our ceramic coatings meet or exceed the requirements in the following:

In addition, third-party testing has proven its excellence in the following areas.

Accelerated Aging

After experiencing accelerated aging tests, our ceramic coatings showed no signs of wear and tear, aging, or loss of elastomeric properties. This test proves that our product lasts and offers extensive durability, withstanding inclement weather, excessive UV exposure, and salt spray.

Class-A Fire Rating

A Class-A fire rating offers superior fire and smoke safety, preventing excessive property damage. This rating may provide discounts for home insurance in wildfire-prone areas.

Soundproofing Abilities

Due to its thick coating and superior insulating qualities, you may benefit from our coating’s soundproofing ability. The micro air pockets and ceramic spheres limit sound transmission, offering peace and enjoyment within the building.


Rhino Shield’s coating surpasses all other paint in durability. The following provides some of the durable aspects of our coating:

Professional painters can apply it on virtually any type of surface because ceramic coatings bond well to metal, wood, brick, and stone. You won’t have to search for multiple matching types of paint to achieve a uniform, attractive appearance.

Why Choose Rhino Shield MidSouth? 

Our licensed, insured, and highly trained professionals provide superior services to the residents of New Orleans. With a wide range of customized tints, you can find virtually any color to make your building look its best.

We take our training seriously and constantly search for more in-depth industry techniques to guarantee positive results. You’ll receive state-of-the-art painting with the best professional-grade equipment. And, to provide peace of mind, we offer a 25-year, transferrable warranty!

When you need a beautiful, detailed exterior paint job on your property, you need Rhino Shield MidSouth. Our experienced professionals work with you to provide the exact paint job you need. Because we’re a locally-owned business, we understand the unique requirements of the New Orleans climate. 

We begin with a detailed preparation of your property to ensure you experience maximum appearance and longevity. When we finish, your home or business will look exactly how you prefer and last for decades. Give us a call!

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We’re here for you and guarantee reliable, long-lasting, beautiful results. If you’re searching for an exceptional exterior painting in Metro New Orleans, LA, contact the professional painters at Rhino Shield MidSouth at 504-977-2330 and request a free estimate today.

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