Have you struggled to find an effective solution for your exterior painting project? With endless options, property owners often feel overwhelmed updating their building’s appearance. Thankfully, ceramic exterior painting options will make any exterior painting in Metro New Orleans straightforward, hassle free, and long lasting.

Unlike traditional acrylic paints, which sit atop your property’s exterior, ceramics penetrate your home or business’s wood, brick, stucco, or Hardy Plank surfaces. Strong adhesion between outdoor surfaces and ceramic coatings improves weather protection and achieves longer-lasting results. Ceramic exterior painting continues to gain widespread popularity in Louisiana and may eventually replace acrylic paints as property owners’ preferred choice.

This blog explores ceramic exterior painting benefits for Louisiana residential and commercial property owners. With help from highly trained professionals, property owners can significantly improve the function and appearance of their properties. Before applying an annual coat of low-quality acrylic paint, consider the advantages of durable ceramic coatings.

Understanding Ceramic Exterior Painting

Most exterior paints you find at Home Depot and hardware stores only contain water and color pigments. These unimpressive formulations fail to protect properties from countless sources of damage.

Conversely, ceramic coatings contain elastomeric acrylic and urethane resins that securely bind to roofs, siding, window frames, and more. Many experts in different fields use urethane coatings to protect concrete floors, steel bridges, and construction equipment from moisture, UV rays, and abrasions.

Important ceramic coating qualities to consider include:

Ceramic coatings check every box for property owners tired of frequent repainting projects, paint chipping, and unsatisfactory results. Low-E coatings with class “A” fire ratings improve your property’s safety and insulate your property from cold and hot surface temperatures. Speak to your local ceramic exterior painting professionals for more information about innovative ceramic coatings in Orleans Parish.

Advantages of Ceramic Coatings

Acrylic paints smother wooden surfaces, preventing wooden windowsills, gables, and siding from breathing. Ceramic coatings bind firmly to wooden surfaces without interfering with natural wood’s function or appearance. Cheap, store-bought acrylic paints remain the primary cause of premature chipping, cracking, and peeling of recently painted homes and businesses.

Other vital benefits of ceramic coatings include the following:

Impressive Durability

Many exterior painting professionals offer generous 25-year warranties for their ceramic coatings. If your exterior paint bubbles, cracks, or peels within your warranty’s timeframe, experts conduct needed repairs and painting at no additional cost to you. Imagine, 25 years free from exhausting repainting projects.

Ceramic exterior painting products protect homes and businesses from blustering winds, fluctuating temperatures, and high humidity levels—forces of nature that slowly deteriorate conventional paints. Durable acrylic and urethane resins provide unmatched protection from fallen debris, rooftop moss growth, and storm damage. Durable ceramic coatings outlast and outperform any other kind of exterior acrylic paint.

UV Protection

Harsh UV rays wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties in New Orleans. Damaging UV rays discolor concrete, brick, and stucco surfaces, leaving behind unsightly yellow, green, and black stains. Powerful UV radiation deteriorates exterior surfaces over time, reducing your property’s value, curb appeal, and return on investment.

Ceramic microspheres in ceramic coatings protect your property from UV rays and scorching hot temperatures. Ceramic coatings’ added protection and insulation help reduce energy costs, regulating temperature changes and reflecting away damaging UV radiation. UV-ray protective coatings reduce HVAC system strain and can save property owners thousands in future energy costs.

Moisture Resistance

Ceramic exterior painting prevents excessive moisture from damaging your property. Dark, moist exterior surfaces create hospitable environments for toxic mold spores, mildew, moss, and algae. Prolonged exposure to hazardous mold spores reduces indoor air quality and may cause sickness, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and cardiovascular concerns.

Impressive ceramic coatings repel moisture, keeping your siding, roof, and exterior surfaces completely moisture free. Stucco, brick, and Hardy Board surfaces treated with ceramic coatings create unsuitable environments for wood-boring insects that actively seek rotted wood to build nests and reproduce. Whether high humidity or tropical storms expose your property to moisture, ceramic exterior painting helps combat treacherous water damage.

Working With Exterior Painting Professionals

Exterior painting endeavors may seem like the perfect DIY project, but misapplied paints can leave properties in complete disrepair. Ceramic exterior painting professionals use advanced techniques and premium Rhino Shield products to achieve long-lasting results. Many professional painters offer additional inspection and repair services to ensure your property’s safety, appearance, and function.

Painting professionals conduct detailed walkthroughs of your property to identify:

Before ceramic exterior painting, experts can repair existing property damage at a much lower cost than hiring subcontractors. Ceramic paints remain the ideal choice for property owners tired of cumbersome painting projects, low-quality results, and substandard acrylic paint products. Find reliable exterior painters by exploring Facebook, Angi, and Yelp to learn more about your local painters’ customer service, workplace practices, and experience in the professional painting industry.

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