Are you thinking of repainting your home’s exterior in 2024? As experts in residential exterior painting services, Rhino Shield has a few ideas for trendy, modern color palettes. Explore our color recommendations below. 

Warm Earthy Tones

Browns paired with deep, muted reds or forest greens can transform the old, chipping paint coating your house into a vibrant, welcoming property. Professional prep work followed by exceptional application techniques and quality products will do this palette justice. 

Classic Cool Shades

Silver, gray, and white never go out of style. These residential painting shades create an idyllic image of a comfy, suburban paradise. 

Bold Black and Brown

Give your residential exterior painting project an impactful edge with unapologetic black and deep brown. These unyielding colors can nicely offset softer tones. You can transform plain wood, vinyl, or metal siding into a richer, more inventive structure with these colors. 

Reasons to Refresh Your Residential Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint can improve your home’s exterior by:

Choose Residential Painting Contractors From Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield’s residential painting contractors specialize in residential exterior painting projects. Call 504-608-5360 to request a free service estimate on your exterior house painting cost.

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