Exterior painting in Metro New Orleans can add years to your home. It will protect the surfaces from storms and impress passersby. But even the sturdiest, toughest coats of paint are no substitute for regular maintenance.

So, knowing how to preserve an exterior paint job is an important skill to have in your homeowner’s arsenal. Keep reading for tasks that any homeowner can implement on their own to keep all those painted surfaces looking amazing for years to come.

Six Easy Ways to Preserve an Exterior Paint Job

Metro New Orleans homeowners can enhance their home’s curb appeal by applying these six proven strategies for preserving their exterior paintwork.

#1 Remove Dirt, Gunk, and Grime With Safe Pressure Washing

Regularly pressure washing your home is one surefire way to preserve the glimmer of the exterior. However, using the correct setting is essential to eliminate the following:

These pollutants and pests easily lower a home’s ROI without intervention. They can even compromise the property’s foundational or structural integrity, given enough time to seep into the framework. However, it’s imperative that you use a controlled setting on the pressure washer to avoid damage to your property’s exterior. 

If you want certainty about protecting that fresh coat of paint, call a professional pressure washing company for brick, wood, vinyl, or other surfaces. And never pressure wash your roof.

#2 Keep Those Gutters Clear

Overflowing gutters clogged with water and debris wreak havoc, including creating streaks on your beautiful exterior paint job. These stains can be difficult to remove. Without quick intervention, you may even need a brand-new paint job to rectify the mess.

So, regularly cleaning your gutters helps preserve the paintwork. Clean at least twice a year, more if you frequently deal with storms or have lots of trees. Don’t forget to catch those gutter guards and downspouts too!

#3 Curtail The Extra Greenery

A home with plenty of trees enjoys lower monthly utility bills, fresh air, great resale value, and more striking visuals. However, those branches can quickly become unruly if left to grow into a jungle. Even small trees can grow to become a nuisance, nudging against your home’s exterior painting, clogging gutters, or even smashing siding.

So, it is best to trim and prune your trees to prevent these concerns. Watch out for vines as well because they cause discoloration on your exterior paint job. Trimming your trees, shrubs, and other vegetation also reduces the threat of insects, rodents, and mold growth. 

Remember to get rid of any dead leaf piles too.

#4 Check Off Re-Caulking

The following areas of a home are most prone to air leaks:

If you’re noticing your utility bills climbing, your home may have air leaks. One of the reasons for this may be that your caulking has started to crack or split, leaving gaps and holes that could allow water intrusion. Unfortunately, excess moisture will also trigger discoloration on your paintwork, not to mention the mold problems that are sure to follow.

Consider re-caulking your home once a year, especially if you hope to preserve fresh paint colors or curb those energy bills.

#5 Seal Unpainted Wood

In some designs, unpainted wood provides superior aesthetics. However, if you’re aiming for a more natural look, you should still stain and seal these wood surfaces. Why not refresh your paint’s waterproofing properties each year for better protection so every surface around the property can look its best?

#6 Touch Up Your Painting Project

Some areas receive more sun or greater wind exposure, accelerating the rate at which your exterior paint job deteriorates in those areas. Different substrate materials, such as wood, vinyl, or metal, also affect this time period.

So, certain areas of your home may require repainting before others. Instead of constantly trying to repaint, why not perform a yearly touch-up painting job? A couple of hours each year of repainting could extend the paint job’s lifespan while impressing your neighbors.

The Benefits of Working With a Professional Crew For Your Exterior Painting in Metro New Orleans

While you can handle some of these tasks, a touch-up exterior painting job is much more effective in the hands of a professional company like Rhino Shield MidSouth. Experienced painters provide numerous benefits, including the following:

Damage Detection

Whether you’re touching up your home’s exterior or repainting, it’s critical to scan for any potential damage. Common issues homeowners run into include the following:

Professionals can spot these issues instantly and offer great advice on what to do about them. 

High-Quality Paint and Materials

You want the right paint for your home, emphasizing qualities such as:

Trying to find the right paint at a local store is daunting. Instead, let the professionals help you find a perfect match and apply it using industry-leading equipment.

Peace of Mind

Working with a licensed and insured company ensures full protection in the event that something goes wrong. For example, by working with Rhino Shield MidSouth, you can rest easy knowing there’s a 25-year workmanship warranty to support their services.

Schedule Professional Painters Today!

What’s the best way to maintain your exterior painting finish? Work with the right team!

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