Moisture, humidity, and precipitation are a coat of paint’s biggest enemies. Water-resistant painting formulas can help your exterior paint job last longer. Rhino Shield tells you whether you should consider the protective paint products below. 

What Is Water-Resistant Paint?

As the name implies, water-resistant paint does not quickly succumb to damaging moisture. Southern states like Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi are well-known for their high humidity levels and intense wet seasons. These weather patterns wreak havoc on average paint products, but a water-resistant one might withstand the stress. 

How Water-Resistant Painting Products Protect Buildings

As water-resistant painting formulas cure, they form an impenetrable coating that prevents outside moisture from penetrating the membrane. Typical formulas retain a smooth, non-porous texture at first. However, they eventually crack, allowing moisture to seep into the materials beneath. 

Since paint is essential to protecting a building’s structural materials, investing in water-resistant products can benefit Southern property owners, but you should rely on professional products rather than those available at your local store. A water-resistant paint job will outlast a service using regular products.

Rhino Shield Offers Water and Fire-Resistant Painting Services

Call 504-608-5360 for water and fire-resistant painting services from Rhino Shield. We will provide a free estimate for a water-resistant painting service to protect your property and enhance curb appeal with vibrant colors.

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