Giving your home a ceramic exterior painting job is an obvious choice for protecting its surfaces while boosting its visual flair. A new coat of paint can make an outdated or neglected home look fresh and exciting. However, there are several advantages that come with ceramic coatings over traditional paint. 

While more expensive, ceramic exterior paint lasts longer than latex, but there’s more that could sway your decision. Here, Rhino Shield MidSouth shares a few other great benefits of going with ceramic exterior painting in Metro New Orleans.

The Main Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Before exploring the specific benefits of ceramic paintwork, let’s dissect the main advantages of exterior house paint projects as a whole.

Ceramic Exterior Painting in Metro New Orleans Versus Latex Traditional Painting

Which exterior painting is the best option? Here’s a comparison between ceramic paint and traditional latex painting. 

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Paint

Ceramic exterior painting products feature thick, strong polymer bases that bond directly to a home’s exterior. Homeowners and professionals alike agree that ceramic paints are an upgrade from traditional house paints, providing the following benefits:

What are the drawbacks of going with ceramic paint? The main one is that ceramic paint is more expensive than traditional latex. The price can vary, but homeowners can expect to pay two to three times more per square foot. 

Ceramic paint is also challenging to touch up, with some spots requiring a complete redo instead.

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Latex Paint

Today, most homeowners use traditional latex paint due to its affordability and accessibility. Other benefits include the following:

However, latex paint has many disadvantages, including low durability in extreme weather. Unlike ceramic options, latex cannot properly coat metal projects either. DIY painting enthusiasts also run into issues when applying latex paint because it dries too quickly to achieve a smooth finish without the right expertise and equipment.

What’s the Best Option: Ceramic or Latex?

Are you sticking to a tight budget or completing a quick DIY weekend project? If not, ceramic paint is always the better option. Ceramic products are versatile and easily applied to metal, vinyl, and wood without any headaches.

With latex-based paint, homeowners may need to alternate between latex and oil paints. Color coordination and brand matching can create additional stress when working with traditional latex paint. It has a much shorter lifespan of around five to seven years. 

With the proper care, ceramic exterior paint will last between 10 to 25 years!

How to Choose the Correct Ceramic Paint For Your Home

With a thickness eight times stronger than latex, ceramic paint is a clear winner. However, ceramic exterior painting projects still need to consider the following:

You’ll also need to consider what surface you need to paint. Some ceramic paints can handle brick, blocks, vinyl, stucco, wood, and shingles.

Let a Professional Crew Handle the Paint Job

So, ceramic paint features far more benefits than regular paint. However, applying ceramic paint yourself can present countless challenges. Conversely, hiring the right professional painting crew can eliminate unnecessary stress.

Why not get in touch with a professional team like Rhino Shield MidSouth? Every painting technician here receives extensive training on the latest coating technologies and methods. Our ceramic painting services also include painting brick, hardy board, stucco, and exterior surfaces.

Do you live in and around Metro New Orleans? Call Rhino Shield MidSouth at (504) 608-5360 today to ask about their 25-year Rhino Shield product warranties and ceramic exterior painting services!

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