Exterior stucco is a unique design element to add to your home exterior. You may have heard about the high-maintenance nature of stucco. To preserve the beauty of your home, you may need to repaint the exterior frequently. At Rhino Shield MidSouth, our exterior stucco painters can take this task off your hands. Our team is experienced in maintaining home exteriors and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the results. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider exterior stucco paint. 

Moisture Maintenance

Having a painted stucco exterior prevents moisture from penetrating your walls. Paint reduces the porosity of bare stucco walls, which can be vulnerable to mold growth and other structural damage if left unpainted. After rain, stucco tends to absorb moisture. This is apparent in the fact that the color of your stucco darkens until it dries. 

Exterior stucco paint ensures that your exterior remains weather-resistant. Not only will your home’s appearance remain flawless, but the structural integrity will also be protected. 

Covers and Protects Against Stains

Your home deserves to look its best at all times. Visible stains and cracks can distract from the curb appeal of your home. Exterior stucco paint gets rid of this problem. Stucco walls stain quickly and can be challenging to clean. When your exterior stucco painters complete their job, the unsightly water or rusting stains disappear from your home. 

A simple repainting of your home can give it a well-needed facelift. Previous chips, stains, and faded color disappear, leaving behind a home that looks brand new. 

Better Insulation

Exterior stucco paint offers better insulation for your home. Stucco is an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking to protect their homes from outside temperatures. During the summer months, the days can be extremely hot and sunny. Stucco does a great job of reducing the impact of the ultraviolet rays on your home. 

Not only can this material protect your home’s structure, but it can also have a significant impact on your energy bills. When you choose to have your exterior stucco walls painted, your home benefits from better insulation and weather protection. 

The Best Exterior Stucco Painters in New Orleans!

If you are looking for the best exterior stucco painters in New Orleans, LA, look no further than Rhino Shield Midsouth. Stucco is an excellent choice for homeowners on the Gulf Coast. Your home does not have to look like everyone else’s. Allow us to give your home a new look by adding a fresh coat of paint. The right exterior stucco painters can bring your home back to life in no time. Do the right thing and preserve the beauty of your home. 

We are confident that we can provide results you will love. Our RhinoShield Warranty ensures that your home or business is protected. With a 25-year warranty for our RhinoShield paint, your home will be beautiful and covered. Contact us today to request an estimate and learn more about our offered services. 

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