Summer Exterior Painting Services

Is hiring an exterior painting company on your to-do list? Schedule services during summer! Of course, you’ll also want to enlist dependable painting experts like Rhino Shield Midsouth, so don’t leave the scheduling to the last minute, either. 

These teams execute residential exterior painting projects quickly. It prepares your home for the market or a refresh, but why does applying that fresh coat of paint work best over the summertime? Read on to find out.

The Perks of Exterior Painting in the Summer Season

Going ahead with exterior painting in the summer accelerates things. Professional painters choose this season because of the following:

  • More hours in a day: A proper paint job involves several steps, including prep work to clean each surface with a pressure washer. More daylight hours go a long way. 
  • Warm temperatures: Heat helps quality paints cure beautifully. Cooler temperatures foster flawed finishes. 
  • Better weather: Good weather is more conducive to painting services without lots of rain, wind, or unpredictable temperature fluctuations to mess up the job. A quality exterior painting job loves predictable, calm weather, which summer does best.


Why Other Seasons May Not Work for Your Exterior Painting Company

You might wonder whether fall or spring might feel more comfortable for professional painters. Won’t soaring temperatures make double and single-story homes a challenge to paint? Unfortunately, other seasons could mean having to redo the service. 

For example:

  • Fall’s dropping temperatures and occasional storms mean the paint doesn’t dry.
  • Winter is too cold and wet to effectively paint a house, inside or outside. 
  • Spring brings rain as tropical storms move south. Painting projects may feel unpredictable and rushed. 


Kickstart Your Residential Exterior Painting Plan With Rhino Shield Midsouth

So, are you ready to elevate your home with exterior painting this summer? How much does exterior house painting cost in your area? Find out when you call Rhino Shield Midsouth at 504-608-5360 to request an estimate.

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