Stucco is a highly durable choice for protecting the exterior of your home. It is versatile and can be applied in a rough or a smooth finish. Even though stucco is strong and durable, it can suffer damage like any other material. 

At the sight of any damage, acting quickly to make the necessary stucco repairs is crucial. Early intervention can save the stucco and prevent you from having to replace all of it.

Common Causes of Stucco Problems

There are several factors that can cause damage to your stucco siding. It is important to recognize any blistering walls, cracks, or other issues before they quickly turn into larger problems.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most expensive types of stucco damage that you could encounter. Weather conditions, such as earthquakes, rain, hailstorms, or even strong winds, can lead to severe stucco damage. 

Not having the right composition can also lead to water damage. If stucco is not installed correctly, it can result in water penetrating gaps and holes in the surface. Additionally, issues on your home’s interior can cause significant damage. This can include leaking air conditioning, burst pipes, or sprinklers that are placed near your home.

If you notice staining, blistering, or chipping, you may need stucco repairs to address water damage.

Damage From Wildlife

Wildlife can also wreak havoc on your stucco. Termites, squirrels, and other pests can eat away the stucco in your home. They will then use holes and cracks to nest, which can cause even more damage. Woodpeckers and other birds are known to cause thousands of dollars in damage every year since they will continue to return to their nesting location year after year.

It is important to look for big and small holes or areas that may have been torn away. These signs of wildlife damage can warrant the need for stucco repairs

Wear and Tear

Over time, there is a chance that stucco may begin to wear down. Although this particular siding option is made to last between 50 and 80 years, many things can influence how long it lasts for you. Once your building is over sixty years old, it is important to have an inspection performed to determine if any repairs are needed.

Repair Options

At the sight of any damage, it is important to call the professionals to assess the situation and determine the most appropriate course of action. Several types of stucco repairs can be performed.

Traditional Stucco Repair

This type of repair is performed on traditional stucco. Unfortunately, this type of stucco is more susceptible to cracking. When repairs are made on traditional stucco, there is a chance that the color will not match perfectly because the stucco is exposed to external factors, which can change how it dries.

Synthetic Stucco Repair

This type of stucco repair involves a multi-layered exterior finish that is bonded together. This forms a protective finish that is vapor-permeable and weather-resistant. This type of repair is considered to be more crack-resistant. However, if moisture does seep in, it can get trapped more easily and cause further damage. 

Partial Stucco Repair

If the damaged stucco is detected early enough, you may benefit from a partial stucco repair. This can save you thousands of dollars as a professional will be able to patch up the damaged spot.

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