Is your home looking a bit shabby? A fresh take on the exterior siding could modernize it overnight. Read on to learn how updating and maintaining your property like this also brings other benefits–like dazzling the neighbors!

What Is Exterior Siding? 

A property’s exterior takes a beating from the elements. Typically, house siding combines durable materials designed to protect the interior structures against moisture, mold, heat, and temperature fluctuations. 

For example, common types of siding include:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Stucco siding
  • Metal siding


Exterior Siding Benefits for Residential Properties

Your siding installation plays a crucial role in the overall structure’s longevity. That means no matter which siding option you’ve chosen, you will eventually have to repaint or replace it to keep the building in excellent shape.

Some exterior siding benefits you might already be experiencing include the following:

  • Indoor climate regulation
  • Waterproofing
  • Damage resistance
  • Pest deterrence
  • Noise reduction

Luckily, updating your siding is a lucrative home improvement project as it increases your home value in the long run.

Why Paint Your Exterior Siding in the Summer Rather Than Replace It?

Siding longevity depends on quality and material, and some siding options last up to 50 years. Still, once the siding fails, replacing it is important. Of course, you can put professional siding painting services at the top of your list if you want to delay the replacement or:

  • Sell the property within the next year
  • See paint looking cracked or peeling
  • Notice water and mold damage emerging
  • Scheduled the last exterior paint job at least five years ago

Paint your exterior siding in the summer for the best results.

Contact Rhino Shield Midsouth for Service 

Rhino Shield Midsouth protects exterior siding with professional painting services. Talented painters ensure that each coat lasts and provides exceptional vibrance. Give your siding a new lease on life, and call 504-608-5360 for a free estimate!

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