If you have an exterior painting project planned for your home or business in Metro New Orleans, ceramic exterior paint from Rhino Shield MidSouth should be your go-to. Ceramic paint is a durable, long-lasting, and protective coat of paint, effectively shielding your home from damage. The professionals at Rhino Shield MidSouth explain what you need to know about ceramic paint before starting the exterior painting process.

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What Is Ceramic Exterior Paint?

Ceramic paint appears similar to latex paint but contains ceramic microspheres. These microspheres help ceramic paint outperform standard latex paint in multiple ways, and they disperse throughout the coating as it dries.

The paint applies thicker, coating your house in a shell-like protective surface that repels water and lasts years longer than its competitors. Expect the following from your ceramic exterior coating:

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is different than standard paint on a chemical level. After years of scientific research, we found that the unique combination of elastomeric acrylic resins and urethane resins provided the most durable and attractive coating possible. This combination offers a flexible, rubber-like covering that bonds with your building’s exterior, extending its lifespan while adding strength and resistance to your exterior.

This bonding element allows your wooden exterior to breathe, lessening unsightly peeling or cracking and preventing water damage.

Benefits of Ceramic Exterior Painting in Metro New Orleans 

Why choose ceramic paint? In the following, we explain the benefits you’ll receive from this higher-grade exterior paint compared to standard house paint.

Any Type of Surface

Unlike latex, ceramic exterior paint works on virtually any material. This advantage saves you time shopping around for matching paints from various brands while ensuring a complete uniform look over the entire building. You won’t have to switch between latex and oil paints during the painting process, making it easier.


Rhino Shield MidSouth offers a transferrable, 25-year warranty on the product, providing peace of mind that your painting job will last. The paint repels contaminants and weather and prevents cracks and chipping. Typical paint jobs last five to seven years, requiring retouches throughout.

When you choose ceramic, you can trust your paint job will survive the salty, humid New Orleans climate.


This low-odor, non-toxic paint proves safe for all the residents and local wildlife. You require less ceramic paint to complete the job, lowering your carbon footprint with reduced shipping and handling.

Ceramic exterior paint will also lower your utility bills by adding insulation to the building and reflecting UV rays, reducing electricity use.


Prevent algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth by using ceramic paint. With its protective qualities, you’ll save on repair costs and can rest easy knowing its water-repellent properties prevent wood rot, salt damage, and leaks.

This paint prevents inclement weather damage, a significant benefit in New Orleans.

Curb Appeal

Because it will maintain its attractive qualities for decades, you’ll boost curb appeal for years when you choose ceramic exterior painting. The transferable warranty increases the building’s property values, enhancing resale opportunities.

With 1,500 available tints, you can create your preferred appearance with a wide range of color choices.

Saves Time and Money

Due to its longevity, you can save on the time and money required to paint more frequently. Once you choose ceramic exterior paint, it’ll last up to 25 years, compared with traditional paint, lasting only five years. The tough shell lessens your need for repairs and replacements of building materials, further saving you money.

Stain Resistance

Its chemical makeup prevents water and other liquids from absorbing into the paint, ensuring a stain-free exterior. Make cleaning easy again, and know that your routine exterior cleaning will provide a brand-new appearance.

Scientifically Tested

Ceramic paints have undergone extensive testing to guarantee results. Laboratories such as Atlas Labs, UL, BASF, and more have verified the benefits, providing quantifiable proof of its superiority.

Fire Resistant

With a class-A fire and smoke rating, you can remain comfortable and safe in your home or commercial building.

Historic Commission Approved

Do you live in a historic house? We can help! Rhino Shield MidSouth receives regular calls to help repair and maintain historical buildings and provides optimal services that work with sensitive building materials.

Why Choose Rhino Shield MidSouth? 

Applying ceramic exterior paint requires professional painters to ensure a thorough and attractive finish. Our highly trained, experienced, and capable professionals provide the services you need for an optimal appearance. Our professionals ensure the following:

We constantly strive for better performance to give our customers the highest level of service possible. When you need the best, you need us!

As a locally owned business, we understand New Orleans’ climate requirements better than other paint professionals. We’ll work with you throughout the process, guaranteeing you the aesthetic appearance you want. Salt, humidity, and frequent severe storms are common occurrences; with us, you can rest easy knowing you have the best paint for any weather.

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If you need a new coat of paint, call our team. For your ceramic exterior painting in Metro New Orleans, LA, contact Rhino Shield MidSouth at 504-977-2330 and request a free estimate today!

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